Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good of the Day

The good that happened today that I praise God for.

1.We have 39 people signed up to pray everyday in January for the people of Living Hope.
2.We had a really good church service today.
3.Our cupboards are filled once again after an Aldi's run.
4.A very good productive deacons meeting this evening. I really appreciate our deacons.
5.Got to see two of our neighbors tonight. I have good neighbors.
6.I wore a really nice new blue shirt to church today. A nice gift from some special folks.
7.I spoke with my mother about some theological issues, that was interesting.
8.We are covered when we pray by a Father, that's good.
9.I learned today from God that I should not desire more than I need or never settle for less than I need.
10.I learned from the children of Israel after God had supplied them with daily bread for 40 years, that God can be trusted to meet my needs.
11.I laughed really hard at a Geico/Elmer Fudd commercial, laughter is good.

I must say it was a good day

In Jesus' Service,

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